Monday, June 26, 2017

Cool in these hills.

Yesterday morning when we woke up the temperature was 54* and that is way too cool for us.
As a matter of fact in Florida that temperature is winter time.  No problem though I just got out our small electric heater and in a short time the motor home was comfortable.
Here is our narrow site, the only one that the motor home would fit in at the time.
Stony Fork Campground is at the foot of The Big Walker Mountain in the Jefferson National Forest and is ten miles from Wytheville, Virginia.
If you happen to come here when the berries are ripe you can do a little raspberry and blackberrypicking.

As far as wildlife we have seen deer, wild turkey's and different birds.  One time we were here and they had up signs of caution that there was black bear activity in the area but we did not see any bears.

It looks like we will need to go into Wytheville for a few things we need.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Stony Fork Campground

We pulled out of the Mayberry RV Park Friday on our way headed north.
Things looked good for the day, it was cloudy but at least it wasn't raining.
At times you get the photo you want and at other times you just miss it.

Soon we were leaving North Carolina and crossing into Virginia going up a mountain, I mean a very large mountain.
It was getting foggy but not really that bad as I thought as we were nearing the top.
Remember I said this was a very large mountain.
The farther we went up the mountain the thicker the fog was getting and the slower the traffic was going.
Once on top the fog was clearing and going down the other side there was no fog so all was good.

When we got to Wytheville I stopped to fill up the motor home at the Flying J on I-81 because I knew the fuel would cost more in West Virginia.
The cost at the Flying J was $1.96 with my Flying J Advantage Card.  That was 20 cents more than I paid the last fill up.

We didn't know if we could get a site at the Stony Fork Campground since it was Friday and knew the week end campers may have all the sites filled.
But as we went around the loop there was a couple of empty sites that was large enough for the motor home.
It rained most of Friday night but Saturday was a nice and sunny day.
I got a couple of things accomplished including a couple more coats of varnish on the new slide out boards. That makes four coats and I will put more on it when I get the time, we want a deep shine on it.

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Friday, June 23, 2017


After a good nights sleep with a couple of other rv's and 3 or 4 truckers Nancy and I started getting ready.  We were not in a hurry same as usual I took my shower and got ready.
While Nancy was getting ready I got out to go look in Walmart to see what they had.  I also went in a couple of other stores.
When I got back to the motor home Nancy was ready to go.
We were on I-40 and in North Carolina so the roads were still lined with the yellow flowers.

I drove until we reached our destination which was the Mayberry in the town of Mt. Airy, NC.
As soon as we were checked in at this nice Passport America Park and had the motor home set up we were off to our favorite restaurant. That is the Hungry Farmer Restaurant with a country cooked buffet. I always over eat here because I love country corn beard, pinto beans, hog jowls and all the rest cookin'.
Just look at that big rooster.  I think that was fried chicken they had and no roosters.

We spent the rest of the evening with a short nap and then watched a little television.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

On the road again

After a good two day visit with Don and Linda, yesterday it was time to get on the road again.

We left Greenville and after a short ride we stopped in Travels Rest to do our laundry at the laundromat which took a couple of hours we also had a bite to eat.

Then we were on our way again.
Soon we were leaving South Carolina and entering North Carolina.
They had the road lined with yellow flowers.
They really had a bunch of them at the rest area where I stopped to see if the Walmart in Statesville allows overnight parking.  They do and that's where we spent the night.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Family visit

After having a nice four day stay at Parson's Mountain Lake Campground we left around noon yesterday going north to Greenville, South Carolina to visit Nancy's brother Don and his wife Linda.
We stayed on the two lane roads as much as possible.
Enjoying the flowers and scenery along the way.
Got to see the rolls of hay that makes the country side look just plum nice.
After arriving, checking in at the Springwood RV Park, I unhooked the car pulled into our assigned site.  Putting the levelers down I connected the electric after a short battle with a wasp. Then it was connecting the water and sewer.
Nancy then called Don to tell him we were on our way over for a visit.
Linda and Don were getting Fajitas ready for our supper while all the time we were in a lasting conversation.
Don was grilling the steak and chicken while Linda was doing the inside things.
With the meat we had refried beans, rice, tortilla chips with cheese and  guacamole sauce.
After eating way to much and an ongoing conversation Nancy and I said it was time for us to leave.
Thank you Don and Linda for a nice evening visit.
We will be going back to visit today then tomorrow going north once again.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  

Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Lake and a Gold Mine

We left our site at Lake Thurmond Thursday for a short drive north in hopes of getting a site at Parson's Mountain Lake in the Sumter National Forest.
After a good short drive we arrived at our destination at the usual site that we stay in each time we have been here.  This is a little used campground but it has water spigots scattered around the circle of sites rest rooms with flush toilet and showers.  Also it has a dump station, so at $3.50 with my Golden Age Passport it is a good price.
There is a nice small lake for fishing and swimming.
A picnic area at the lake side with shade trees to have you out of the sun.
Here's something you will not find at many campgrounds, a trail to a Gold Mine.
Close up of the sign.

A few wildflowers around the lake.
The only wildlife that I have seen thus far were squirrels and these three ducks on the lake.

It is so nice and quiet here, it's on a weekend and only two other campsites are occupied besides us.

We went to Lynn's Cafe when we finished setting up Thursday to have our supper,
Also while in Abbeville I filled the car up with regular gas for $1.76 a gallon.  The lowest I have paid for gas in a long time.
We will be here for a few days then will visit Nancy's brother in Simpsonville, SC.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.   


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Times almost up

Our time here on Lake Thurmond is just about gone.  We will be leaving tomorrow going across the dam into South Carolina and heading north.
We have really enjoyed our time here even though we have been in three different sites.
We've enjoyed watching the people in their boats be it pulling someone on a tube, fishing or just out on the lake for a joy ride.
The sunsets have been spectacular.
Each evening as I was watching the television I would glance out the windshield and notice the red glow on the trees and I would know it was time to go outside to see a beautiful sunset.

I'm sure as we travel this summer there will be many more beautiful settings of the sun and other scenery.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.