Sunday, November 19, 2017

Still refrigerator looking

Friday was another day of looking for a residential refrigerator of the right size to fit in the opening to replace the old Dometic that we have.
I went to Lowes to check on the ones they have but the only brand that they had was a Haier and after reading the reviews I didn't want to take a chance on one of those.  Maybe if it wasn't over half of the reviews complaining of the compressor failure I might consider one but that was just not for the best.

Of course yesterday was the college football day and as usual there were upsets again.

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Friday, November 17, 2017


Wednesday was a running around day.  First I went to Rural King  for some Potato Chips for me and I got Tortilla Chips for Nancy. Rural King is the only store I have found that sells the brand of chips that I like and I always buy two large bags when I buy them.
The next stop was Harbor Freight to get a flexible extension for my drill and a free gift of a four outlet power strip with the coupon I had.  
Next up was on down the line for a stop at Winn Dixie to buy 12 pack soft drinks at four for $12.00.

Then a stop at the Walmart (you just can't be out and not go to Walmart)  for a few things.
Next and last stop was Dollar Tree for a couple of items.

Yesterday day I went to make my appointment to have my shoulder checked and the date will be Tuesday morning.
I then went to Home Depot to look at the refrigerators for the motorhome to replace the replace our exiting propane electric frig that has been acting up for way to long.
They had a Magic Chef that was the right size but I didn't like the shelves in the door arrangement. So I will keep looking at other refrigerators.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A little walking

Well it looks like Monday was a different day for us.
I asked Nancy if she felt like doing a little walking and It surprised me when she said yes.  So we went down to the James E Grey Preserve to do our walking.

The first thing you see when you park the car is the boat launch where in the last year they have made some improvements. Such as a boardwalk and a better way to launch a kayak.
The river is nice and slow moving with low hanging tree branches.

After leaving the boat launch there is a large bulletin board showing the animals there you may see in the Preserve.  You might see some of these animals but the only animals we saw was this and more lizards and a few squirrels.
After a short walk through the grassy area you come to a very nice elevated boardwalk.

We came to the place where we usually look over in the water but the river is flowing so low that it didn't have any water here.

But the island with the tall palm tree had plenty of water around it. This is one of those nice spots to take a photo.

Well it looks like us old folks got a little tired from not doing too much walking these days and had to sit to rest the old bones for a while.

We did reach the spot where there is a pavilion where there is a curve in the river that you can look up and down the river.

We saw several fish that looked to be nearly a couple of feet long.

When we got through walking and not had having lunch we where getting hungry so we went to Steak and shake to eat. We each had a burger mine with fries and Nancy had onion rings both meals were delicious.  Nancy also got a milkshake to go with both of us finishing that on the way home.

Yesterday we both was at the doctor for our back for the winter check up. I've had a sore shoulder for a long time so the doctor gave me a referral  to see a Orthopedic Specialists.

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Ball Games

Wow if you watched the college football games on Saturday I know you had a good exciting day.
A few of the games where big upsets and really a run away.

Nancy and I both had some kind of bug with both of us feeling the same way and not feeling like doing anything to much than our usual chores of taking trash to the dumpster and a little house cleaning.
Seem as though how you feel there are still a few small things that has to be taking care of.

Yesterday I went to Walmart to pick up few groceries then later on in the evening I watched a college basketball game.
No news from the home front so I guess everyone is doing ok.

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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Veteran's Day

Thanks to all Veteran's you are a special person and our real heroes.

Some pink clouds last evening to say that it will turn colder and it did this morning we woke up to 53 degrees.

I did a few projects yesterday that did not take very long to complete.

Then in the evening time I fired up the grill for a couple of 12 oz. T-Bone Steaks that with an onion wrapped in aluminum foil for our supper.  Nancy baked me a potato and a sweet potato for herself along with some cooked vegetables made for a good meal.
There was enough left over for more good eating today.
Then later on I settled in and watched a few College Basketball games, this is my time of the year that I enjoy.
Today will be a day of College Football Games so give me my Lazy Boy recliner and leave me alone.
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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Just things

Tuesday Nancy and I went to visit our dear friend Lee.  It sure was good to see him again and spend some time with him.
After our visit we stopped at the at the Walgreen Pharmacy to pick up our medication that I had filled on line in the morning hours.  We also had our flu shots so we were good to go.

We then went to Chili's to eat where we ordered the 2 for $22.00 each of us had the Chicken Fajita and chose the onion rings as the appetizer.  Nancy and I finished all of our meal but both of us were really stuffed to the top. 

Yesterday I had to go back to Walgreens to pick up the last one of Nancy's prescription medications.

On the way back I took the scenic way back as I call the road that is closer to the gulf.
I saw this Osprey high on a limb it was a very large bird.

After getting back home I decided I had better fry up the 2 pound pack of country ham that was in the refrigerator.
Speaking of refrigerator it looks like we will have to buy a new one.  With all the symptoms with the one we have and being 15 years old it is time. So while we are here for the winter it is best rather than out on the road.
When we use up most or all that we can out of the refrigerator I we proceed to disconnecting it and taking it out for a new residential refrigerator.
This was the choice because of cost wise and already having solar panels, a 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter and extra batteries it made sense to do so.

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Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Out grocery shopping

I had to look at the old refrigerator the first thing Monday because it had been acting up again.
Its been doing it for the last couple of years.  First it will warm up a little more than it should, stay that way for a time then it will take a notion to cool down below the normal range.
I may just have to pull it out and install a residential refrigerator.

Monday Nancy decided she would go to the store with me so it was off to Walmart to do some shopping for a few groceries and a little walking for her.

Next it was a stop at the Winn Dixie store and since it was getting late Nancy said get something for supper.
I bought her chicken tenders to go with bacon ranch pasta.  I had chicken wings in three different flavors.
After getting home putting the groceries away we had our chicken and pasta dinners and both tasted good and satisfying.

We then was on the computers doing our evening things then later on watched a little tv before going to bed.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.